Last Updated: June 5, 2017

Prepare for Your Sailing Adventure


Do not bring:  Bulky, hard, sharp, greasy, dirty, sandy, or smelly items; no cigarettes, finger rings, flip-flops, sandals, dangling jewelry, or glass items. Glass bottles are strictly prohibited on deck.


Food: You may bring food that is easily shared with others, self contained, not messy, needing little or no preparation.  Drinks are allowed, but NOTHING in glass on deck.


Clothing: (In a duffel or on you) Light cotton, heavy wool, wind and watertight outer jacket with attached hood, swimsuit, sneakers/deck shoes, wool socks, sun glasses, hat with leash or tie.  Have all items in duffel prior to boarding (including pocketbook, camera, wallet, cell phone).  Cell phones and other electronic devices are to be turned off and stowed, or the captain will throw them overboard!